Index Investment Course & Personal Finance Community

Learn how to invest and every topic related on how to make money while investing.


What we will cover on the investment course

Section 1: Introduction to the course

1- Table of contents

Section 2: About the authors

1- Bill Holliday, CFP

2-Ivan Sanchez

Section 3: Why invest?

1- Benefits of saving

2- Time value of money

3- Retirement
3.1- Retirement Factors
3.2- 4% Rule
3.3- Savings vs Retirement Age

4- Benefits of an investment account

Section 4: What to invest in?

1- What is a stock?

2- What is a bond?

3- Expected Return

4- Index Investment

5- Exchange Traded Funds

6- Portfolio Construction

7- Target Date Funds

8- Three Fund Portfolio

Section 5: Financial Planning

1- Debt

2- Long term thinking

3- Start now

4- Account maintenance

5- Considerations if looking for an advisor

Section 6: Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing (SRI)

1- What is SRI? and how do we approach it.

Section 7: For people investing and declaring taxes in the US

1- Types of accounts
1.1- Taxable accounts
1.2- Tax advantaged accounts


3- Where to invest? (Options for US residents)

4-How to invest

Section 8: For people investing and NOT declaring taxes in the US

1- Where to invest? Options for hispanic people

2- How to invest

Section 9: Summary

1- Summary of the whole course content

Section 10: Definitions

1- Definitions on the course terminology

Section 11: Resources

1- Easy access to the information of the course and usefull tools

Section 12: Thank you

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